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Benny and Kelli Ferguson | Volunteer Culture: Moving People from Sitting to Serving

This audio recording is from one of our breakout sessions at the 2018 CMN Conference. In this session Benny and Kelli Ferguson lead a discussion about what it means to have a volunteer culture and how to encourage people to experience God through serving others.

Troy Hartman | How to Disciple in a Transient Community

How do we make the most of the time we have with the people in our church? Many communities across the nation are made up of transient populations like college students, military members, or seasonal travelers. Rapid turnover can make spiritual formation, leadership development, and volunteerism a challenge. In this episode of CMN Less than Ten, Troy Hartman of Rockhills Church, shares his experience discipling a transient community.

David Stocker Jr | How to Grow Disciples through Small Groups

Pastor David Stocker Jr articulates a powerful message on the needs and benefits of small group discipleship in churches.

Elly Marroquin | Discipleship Beyond the Church walls: Impacting our Communities and Future Generations

Elly Marroquin talks about community and why discipleship matters both inside and outside the church.

Clayton Brooks | Biblical Engagement and Worship

On this CMN Less Than Ten, Clayton Brooks, worship pastor of Oaks Church, describes how to integrate scripture into the worship ministry.

Jeff Leake | Raising Up Volunteers for Multiplication

When you grow and multiply there will always be more to do than you can do by yourself. Being able to connect your attendees to service is a critical part of discipleship and overall effectiveness in executing the vision God has given you to multiply your church. In this video Jeff Leake, Lead Pastor of Allison Park Church in Pennsylvania talks about how to create onramps for people to get involved in the church.

Mark Batterson | Building a Spiritual Community

Mark Batterson, lead pastor at National Community Church, talks about building spiritual community.

Jason Patterson | Redefining Leadership Development

Jason Patterson, lead pastor of Parkside Church Indy, talks about how their church plant changed the way they look at leadership development to bring out the full potential of their staff and volunteers.

Best Practices for Developing Women Leaders

In this episode of the Influence Podcast, Kadi Cole shows how churches can release the leadership potential of women.

Jonathan Hardy | 6 Steps for Connecting People in Community

Once someone decides to make your church their church home, it's time to help them make meaningful connections in the community. In this video Jonathan Hardy from Leaders.Church talks about what you need to develop a system for helping people make those connections.