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David Hertweck | Preaching Master Class: The Tension

The tension is when you anticipate and articulate the key questions you plan to address during your talk. This is your opportunity to raise the interest level in the room by posing the right questions out loud. In this video David shares tips on how to create tension that engages your audience in a unique way.

David Hertweck | Preaching Master Class: The Takeoff

The takeoff is the introduction to your talk. this is your opportunity to connect with the audience and to connect the topic of your talk to your own life. In this video, David Hertweck will help you craft a meaningful takeoff with six easy steps.

Jeffery Portmann | Creating Space to Build Preaching Teams

In this video Jeffery Portmann stresses the benefit of creating space for people to aid preaching and teaching. He dives into the reasoning for making space for this group of people in your ministry.

Greg Ford | Preaching on Tough Topics

In this interview, CMN's Mike McCrary talks with Greg Ford, church planter and lead pastor of One Church in Ohio, about how to preach about uncomfortable subjects confidently and clearly.

Preaching to an Audience of ‘None’

You can deliver dynamic messages, even without the immediate feedback of a congregation.

7 Preaching Themes for Coronavirus Online Services

During the coronavirus outbreak, church leaders responsible for preaching may want to help their congregations to think biblically about coronavirus, its potential threats, and the promises God makes to us in the midst of those threats.

'The Bridge' Easter Series + Sermon Abstracts

Jesus became the bridge of unity, the bridge of authenticity, and the bridge of hope! The Bridge is a three-week series that focuses on the relationship Jesus desires to have with each of us. He came down from heaven and died for us so that He may bridge the gap between God and us—to have a relationship with Him through his resurrection.

Bryan Briggs | Developing a Preaching Calendar: Avoiding the Saturday Night Scramble

Breakout session from CMN Conference 2020 in Dallas, Texas.

Mike Brown | Tools to Improve Sermon Preparation

In this episode of CMN Less than Ten, Mike Brown of Faithlife, discusses the state of pastoral ministry and tools to improve sermon preparation.

Elijah Hollis | Being the Worship Leader & Primary Communicator

On this CMN Less than 10, Elijah Hollis from Change Church, explains the process behind being a worship leader as well as being the primary communicator in your church.