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Greg Ford | Preaching Down the House

In this video, Pastor Greg Ford of One Church in Ohio discusses the importance of effective preaching. He emphasizes practical examples of how to become an effective communicator that you can apply to your next sermon.

Greg Ford | Preaching Down The House

Greg Ford talks about communication from the pulpit, and how to create content which speaks to the heart of a congregation.

Choco De Jesus | Staying on Mission

At the 2019 CMN Conference, Pastor Wilfredo De Jesús shared a powerful message on the importance of staying on mission and continuing to dream.

Scott Wilson | Why Your God-given Dream Requires Faithfulness

At the 2019 CMN Conference, Scott Wilson, lead pastor of Oaks Church and member of the CMN Lead Team, shared the closing message of the conference focusing on the importance of being faithful to the dream God has given you.

Glyn Barrett | Resolving the Tension Between God's Expectation and Your Limitation

At the 2019 CMN Conference, Glyn Barrett, lead pastor of !Audacious Church and the new national leader of the Assemblies of God Great Britain discussed the tension between God's expectation and man's limitation.

Travis Jones | What to do When Your God-Given Dream Starts to Feel Like a Nightmare

Watch Travis Jones in a Less than Ten session from this year's CMN Conference on how he went through a hard season in his church plant and how God brought him through it.

Paul and Christina Hanfere | Why God Cares More About Your Church Than You Do

Watch Paul and Christina Hanfere in a Less than Ten session from this year's CMN Conference on God's role in building the Church and how we can better partner with Him in doing so.

Adelita Garza | The World Needs Women Pastors

Watch Adelita Garza's Less than Ten session from this year's CMN Conference on taking risks in planting churches and what it was like to answer God's call as a single female pastor.

Cody Cochran | Planting in Rural Communities

Watch Cody Cochran's Less than Ten session on planting churches in rural communities from this year's CMN Conference.

Chris Railey | God-Given Dreams Change Everything

Watch CMN Director Chris Railey's opening sermon on the power of God-given dreams from this year's CMN Conference.