Rod Loy | Online Worship Sets from First NLR

By First North Little Rock | Posted in COVID-19 Resources, Weekend Experience, Community Engagement

As we do online church it's important to think through a corporate worship experience. Pastor Rod Loy from First Assembly North Little Rock has worked with his team to provide online worship sets that you can use this weekend with your church.  Click on this dropbox link to get access to their worship songs. From Pastor Rod: 

As I've talked to pastors, many are concerned about being able to do worship online - because of sound quality, video capability, etc.

Our media director has prepared a dropbox for your use. In it are our worship songs from this weekend. You can use one song, or it's also divided into 2, two song sets.

You can download and insert into your service. You do not have to give us credit or mention. If you want to make the segue smooth, you can simply say, "We are joining one of our sister churches for worship. Then, I'll be back with the message!"

First Assembly North Little Rock online worship sets

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