What Staff Members Should Ask the Senior Pastor

The relationship between a staff member and the senior pastor is a two-way street. Travel back and forth on that street requires communication. Healthy communication involves open and honest answers to sincere questions. Have you asked your senior pastor any important questions lately?

If you’re a staff member, there are certain things you need to know to complete your tasks and fulfill your duty. But then there’s the level above that. To get there, it’s vital that you engage your senior pastor often.

Here are four questions every staff member should be asking their senior pastor.

1. What Do You Need From Me?

Don’t rely on your job description to tell you everything you need to do. Performing the minimum required will keep you from experiencing incredible success. Ask your senior pastor what he or she expects from you before a lack of initiative reveals it to you. And be willing to go the extra mile when the ministry requires it.

Asking questions is a great way to get a conversation started.

2. Where Do You Want to Go?

Seek to clarify the vision your senior pastor has for the church. Sure, you should expect him or her to cast it regularly. But sometimes you hit an intersection in your duties that require a decision based on vision. Should we put more emphasis here? Can we spend a bit more to make a bigger difference later? Having a definite feel for the vision of the church makes all the difference.

3. What Do You See Me Doing Next?

If you’re a staff member, chances are you’ll be transitioning at some point in the future. And your senior pastor knows this. Most senior pastors were once staff members, after all. By asking for input on your next step, you remove the hurdle of going behind anyone’s back to seek advancement. Also, your senior pastor is probably a good judge of talent and can offer advice on how to avoid potential pitfalls ahead.

4. What Am I Missing?

Senior pastors have an eagle-eye view of the church. They can operate in a way that affords them a 360-degree analysis of the job you’re doing. Don’t wait for an annual review. Ask for advice now! Seek feedback on your latest worship set, video, or graphic, the discipleship class you’re leading, or the outreach you’re overseeing.

Tap into your senior pastor’s years of experience and unique position. Then put that advice into action. Like the rest of us, senior pastors appreciate people asking for their opinion and then acting on it.

Whatever your relationship may be with your senior pastor, you can always improve it through better communication. And asking questions is a great way to get a conversation started. Set aside time to pick your pastor’s brain. Use these questions, and come up with some new ones. But keep the channels open and the questions rolling.

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