Building a Culture of Evaluation | An Eight-Week Study for Teams

By Influence Magazine | Posted in Team Building, Leadership Development

Everybody has a different reaction when it comes to the idea of evaluation — especially in the Church. Some leaders feel like “evaluation” sounds corporate or businesslike. As a result, pastors often resist evaluation because it doesn’t seem spiritual. Other times, we may avoid evaluation because we’re afraid of what it might reveal.

This team study explores how to build a culture of evaluation with these eight insightful lessons:

  1. The Value of Evaluation
  2. The Keys to Effective Evaluation
  3. Evaluating Yourself
  4. Evaluating Church Health
  5. Evaluating Strategies
  6. Evaluating Staff and Leaders
  7. Evaluating Culture
  8. Removing the Frustration From Evaluation

The goal of each lesson is to present the topic from a biblical and holistic perspective, foster meaningful discussion, and provide a roadmap for building a healthy culture of evaluation.

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