The Leader God Blesses | An Eight-Week Study for Teams

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Every leader wants to experience God’s blessing and favor. We long for God’s blessing in our personal lives and in our families. We yearn for God’s supernatural favor on the churches, ministries and organizations we lead. No matter where we find ourselves or who we’re surrounded by, we desire the fingerprint of God on our lives and leadership.


This team study explores the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3–12). The word beatitude means “blessedness.” Jesus repeatedly proclaims, “Blessed are ... ” and then goes on to describe the kind of life that God blesses. According to Jesus, the life God blesses is more about character (who you are) than consumption (what you have).


When we lay the Beatitudes on top of leadership, we discover that God has called us to become a specific type of leader. We are called to be a ...

  • spiritual leader;
  • repentant leader;
  • humble leader;
  • hungry leader;
  • merciful leader;
  • pure leader;
  • peaceful leader; and
  • persevering leader.

As you read and discuss these eight lessons, you and your team will learn how to put the Beatitudes into action in a leadership context to become the kind of leaders God blesses.

The online resource also includes a fill-in-the-blank guide for team members to use as they follow along with the studies. Download the team study with the link below. 


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