Team Study: Improving Team Work

By Influence Magazine | Posted in Team Building, Leadership Development

Teamwork is a non-negotiable key to effective leadership. The value of teamwork is evident throughout Scripture. From Moses organizing a team of leaders to meet the needs of the people to Nehemiah leading the Israelites to rebuild the wall, the Bible provides many examples of teamwork producing remarkable results.

Blandino takes a unique approach to the topic of teamwork, examining the Bible’s account of the Tower of Babel. While the Old Testament story certainly doesn’t end well, Blandino uses it to highlight eight teamwork lessons — and to point out how a crucial missing ingredient led to the project’s ultimate demise.

Whether your team consists of your staff, your board or a ministry department, imagine the impact you could have by activating the essential keys to teamwork. Through careful reflection, practical insights and ideas, and helpful application exercises, these lessons will guide you through eight ways to improve teamwork in your ministry environment.

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