Team Study: 8 Steps to Improving Time Management

By Influence Magazine | Posted in Team Building, Leadership Development, Discipleship Pathway

How can we get more done in less time? It’s a common question among ministry leaders. The to-do list for leaders and teams grows faster than our ability to check things off. Ironically, we’re usually too busy to think about time management.

James 4:14 says that our lives are “a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” Time is precious, and how we use it will determine whether our legacy vanishes with our lives. It’s in the best interest of each team member to make every moment count. Effective time management not only increases a leader’s productivity, it also multiplies a team’s collective impact.

Most time management strategies focus on efficiency rather than effectiveness. It’s all about getting more done, not necessarily getting the right things done. I want to take a different approach. In the following lessons, I’m going to lead your team through a process to evaluate your management of time, clarify what is most important for each team member, and leverage your time to do what truly matters. I’ll offer some practical tips, but I also want to make sure you’re focused on the right things.

Imagine the impact your team could have if everyone efficiently did what mattered most. Imagine how much more your church or organization could accomplish. The process outlined in the following eight lessons will likely produce some eye-opening discoveries, some enlightening conversations with your team, and some important "aha" moments to give you greater clarity about time management. It will be worth the time, so let’s begin.

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