CMN Multisite Prework

CMN Multisite events are designed for those ready to multiply from one church or location to more. This module will walk you through the necessary prework to complete before your event and better prepare you for conversations with your team.


  • Unit 1
  • 1

    Welcome to CMN Multisite
    Jeffery Portmann, Director of the Church Multiplication Network and Gerad Strong, Director of Discovery and Development share what you can expect at your CMN Multi-Site event!

  • 2

    Dr. Mike McCrary, Director of Funding, explains the CMN assessment process.

  • 3

    Demographic Evaluation
    Demographic information for your new church or campus is essential.

  • 4

    Ministry Plan
    This video will serve as an introduction to help you begin creating your CMN Ministry Plan for your new location/campus. We hope this will be a great resource for you before, during, and after you attend a CMN Multisite event!

  • 5

    Thank You
    Congratulations! You have completed your Multisite prework.

  • 6

    Bonus Content - Healthy Leaders
    Greg Ford, Lead Pastor of One Church and CMN Lead Team Member, shares what he wishes he knew about healthy self-leadership before launching his church.

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