How to Lead Effective Teams

In this three-part module, Chris Railey talks about creating effective teams and explains why good leadership is key to having a successful team.


  • Unit 1
  • 1

    Strong Teams Lead to Long-Term Growth
    We generally think teams are a good idea. We are trained to believe that teams are better than individuals. However, when we're not leading well, teams can actually make things worse. In this lesson Chris Railey addresses the problems that give teams a bad reputation, and what can happen when a team is created without a healthy approach.

  • 2

    An Effective Team Rarely Happens by Accident
    An effective team rarely happens by accident. But often times, teams fail to reach their potential because of common problems that can be strategically avoided. In this lesson Chris Railey will focus on the four common reasons teams get derailed and how to avoid them through five things successful teams do.

  • 3

    Successful Teams are Built on Trust
    The most productive teams operate on a high level of trust. One of the biggest hindrances to an effective team can be the lack of trust among teammates. Being trustworthy is a skill and a discipline that team members can be coached on. In this lesson Chris Railey will focus on three aspects of trustworthiness for your team to work on.

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