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Co-Leading With Your Spouse

With the right approach, your great marriage relationship can also be a great ministry partnership.

Communicating and Implementing Your Core Values

Knowing your core values isn’t enough; you must also communicate and implement them.

Discovering and Developing Your Core Values

Zero in on your core values with these simple exercises.

Defining Your Core Values

Your core values provide the fuel for fulfilling your vision — so it’s important to know precisely what these values are.

How to Transition Well

Carefully planning the transitions in your worship service will make it easier for people to focus on connecting with God.

Ministry Kids

Raising healthy kids while serving in ministry requires an intentional approach.

Vital Staff Relationships

The relationship between the lead pastor and next gen pastor affects the future of the entire church.

When It’s Time to Add, Part 3

Multisite ministry requires careful planning.

When It’s Time to Add, Part 2

Before hiring a new staff member, do this simple assessment.

When It’s Time to Add, Part 1

Recognizing when and how to add a second service can help ensure a successful transition and expand your ministry’s reach.