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Chris Railey & Mike Burnette | Virtual Team Leadership

Most team meetings are happing over digital platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this video, Chris Railey talks to Mike Barnette, lead pastor of LifePoint Church in Tenessee, about how to lead a team virtually and still be effective.

Chris Railey & Chris Morante | Spreading Hope During a Crisis

In this video, Chris Railey, National Director of CMN, interviews Chris Morante, Lead Pastor of Evangel Church in New Jersey. Pastor Chris and the Evangel Church team have been uniquely reaching their community and strategically spreading hope during a time that many people feel hopeless. Find out how they have been doing it in this video.

Chris Railey & John Davidson| Beyond COVID-19: An Opportunity for All Churches to Relaunch Post-Crisis

Although this may feel like a stressful time with the COVID-19 pandemic for many leaders, it can also be one of our greatest opportunities. In this Live Stream interview, Chris Railey, Executive Director of CMN and John Davidson, Director of Leadership Development, talk about how churches can be strategically positioning themselves to relaunch after the COVID-19 restrictions end.

Chris Railey | Interview with Pastor Tommy Barnett

In this episode of the CMN Leadership Podcast Chris interviews pastor Tommy Barnett to talk about leadership lessons he has learned in a lifetime of fruitful ministry and influence. Check out Pastor Tommy's new book "What If?" today.

Chris Railey | The Blessing of Scarcity

Scarcity is a feeling nearly every leader experiences at one time or another; it's the feeling or fear that we don't have what we need to make it. It can be a limiting factor for leaders and it's a big reason so many churches are in plateau or decline. But what if scarcity is a good thing? What if it's a motivating factor? What if scarcity is a blessing? In this episode of the CMN Leadership Podcast, Chris Railey talks about how to embrace the blessing of scarcity because, the truth is, we get better when we're hungry.

Chris Railey | How to Build a Team for Personal Growth

Each of us have growth goals... things we want to do and accomplish in different areas of our lives. These goals can be financial, physical, spiritual, emotional, leadership or family-focused. However, once we set these goals, we often don't put a plan or a team in place to help us achieve them. In this episode of the CMN Leadership Podcast, Chris Railey talks about developing a growth team to help us reach our goals and maintain health in every area of life.

Chris Railey | How to Prioritize Your Priorities

It's the start of a new year and many of us are setting goals for the future. If you are a leader, people are looking to you to chart the course to help them develop inspiring and challenging goals. In this episode of the CMN Leadership Podcast, Chris Railey talks about how to identify priorities and how to choose which ones matter most.

Chris Railey | 4 Tips to Getting the Most Out of the Year End

The end of the year is a busy time for everyone. Although it is tempting to try to slow down, this is a great time to build momentum for the upcoming year. In this episode of the CMN Leadership Podcast, Chris Railey gives a few tips on how to strategically plan for the end of the year rush.

Chris Railey | What Can Fast Food Teach Us About Church Growth?

Which is better, the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich or Chick-fil-A's ? The answer is it doesn't matter because the product is only as good as the supply chain. If you can't meet the demand of your product, it doesn't matter how great it is, people will eventually lose interest. In this episode of the CMN Leadership Podcast, Chris Railey discusses how to identify problems and improve systems. Chris uses ideas from Scott Belsky's book, "Making Ideas Happen" to analyze an organization's systems.

Chris Railey | Six Practices of Multi-site Churches

One of the biggest needs we have is the need for more churches. There are thousands of communities that need a church because of church closures, population growth, and cultural trends. Every church can partner, parent, and plant. One of the best ways to start new churches is for existing churches to plant. In this episode of the CMN Leadership Podcast, Chris Railey discusses the importance of considering launching new campuses. He uses Jim Tomberlin's research to outline the growth of multi-sites.