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Christmas Eve Service Kit

This set of assets from Bridges Church in Nashville includes live worship videos, sermon graphics, communion, message, and even kids service assets.

Kurtis Parks | How to Recruit and Keep Worship Team Members

Kurtis Parks, Lead Pastor of Bridges Nashville, talks about how to recruit and effectively utilize the musicians in your church.

Bridges Nashville | We Will Overcome Song and Worship Files

If you've ever wondered what the perfect words to pray and sing during the season our world is in today, they're found in this song. Our friends Kurtis Parks and Brandon Baldwin wrote this song 2 years ago after the events in Charlottesville took place. It rings true even today. We pray it blesses you and your communities.

Kurtis Parks | 5 Steps to Excellent Worship Teams

Kurtis Parks, Lead Pastor of Bridges Nashville, talks about to how to create excellent worship teams in your church.

Kurtis Parks | Leading Worship Well

One of the most important relationships in the church is between the lead pastor and worship leader. Greg Ford and Kurtis Parks discuss how to lead worship well on this CMN Less Than Ten.