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Rob Ketterling | How to Keep Your Marriage Healthy In Ministry

Ministry can put a lot of strain on even the most healthy marriages. In this video, Rob Ketterling, lead pastor of River Valley Church, talks about mistakes he made when trying to balance ministry and his home life and a few things he has learned to stay healthy for the long haul. Whether you are married, dating, or single, these bits of advice will help you be a better leader.

Mark Brewer | Executive Leadership: Why Chemistry is Crucial to Church Health

This is an audio recording from our breakout sessions at CMN Conference 2019 in Dallas, Texas. In this session, Mark Brewer, Executive Pastor at River Valley Church in Minnesota talks about the importance of team relationships and how team dynamics can influence the overall health of your church.

Rob Ketterling | Front Row Leadership

How do you make the choice to stop criticizing and start leading? Rob Ketterling, CMN Lead Team member and pastor of River Valley Church, discusses "Front Row Leadership" with Mike Santiago on this CMN Less Than Ten.