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'God's War' Kid's Sermon Series Graphics, Outlines, and Music

Having engaging kids curriculum is a great way to disciple children and reach the families in your church. This set of resources includes everything you need to get started including graphics, slides, teaching outlines and even dance moves and lyric video.

Sample Associate Campus Pastor Job Description

It's important for new employees to have clear expectations for their role. A job description is a great way to provide this. Below you can download an editable job description for an associate campus pastor.

Golgotha Youth Series Graphics + Sermon Abstracts

If students understand the Cross and the Resurrection—the two things that, without them, our faith wouldn’t exist—they get everything. This series is an Easter series focused on three sayings that are vital to the life of a student: Father Forgive Them, Why Have You Forsaken Me, and It is Finished. It includes graphics, a bumper, and sermon abstracts you can download below.

River Valley Network | "Both Sides" Worship Single Assets

The single by River Valley Worship, “Both Sides”, is out now! We are so excited to share this song and our hope found in Jesus! He is King on both sides of the stone and King today! Give it a listen and let’s declare this truth together today. Available everywhere!

River Valley Network | "Real Things" Worship Single Assets

Real Thing, a single off River Valley Worship’s upcoming album, Altars, is now available everywhere! Jesus is the real thing! His life, death, and resurrection brings more hope and joy to us than this world could ever offer! This song shares exactly what our heart beats for.

River Valley Church | COVID-19 Digital Strategy Guide

To help you and your team reach the communities around you, we’ve compiled River Valley’s digital strategy into a resource to help equip and resource your churches, leaders and ministries during this COVID-19 season. This guide covers different areas such as social media guidelines, NextGen strategy, Care + Connections systems and much more!

Rob Ketterling | Conversations: Connections and Care During COVID-19

It's important to have conversations about COVID-19. Pastor Rob Ketterling and guests discuss connection and care in a time of social distancing. This video is from the River Valley Network YouTube channel.

'Rescued' Kids Song + Chords and Lyric Videos

"Rescued" is a single by Go Kids Music. Sing along as we celebrate all together what Jesus has done for us! This resource includes chord charts and lyric and instrumental videos. Go Kids Music is written and produced by River Valley Worship. Below you can find the audio file, chords, and lyric videos.

Kids Communion Series + Bumper and Facilitator Guide

Every parent wants to be present for the significant moments in their child’s life, but what about the eternally significant moments? A child’s dedication, baptism, communion and more are significant firsts in a child’s life, and we want to help equip churches as you celebrate with parents along the journey. Go Kids has designed separate experiences to help you facilitate interactive discussions for parents and their children. Below you can find downloadable slides, images, facilitator guides, and video.

Rob Ketterling | Conversations: The Church and COVID-19

It's important to have conversations about COVID-19. Pastor Rob Ketterling and guests discuss different perspectives on the COVID-19 situation while filtering everything through the lens of our faith. This video is from the River Valley Network YouTube channel.