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Stan Saunders | Health Insurance for Church Planters

In this video, Stan Saunders, pastor and insurance specialist, shares how you and your team should approach health insurance and how to get started on finding the right health care plan. To contact Stan personally with health insurance questions reach out to or call his office at 660-214-9100.

Rollie Dimos | 5 Steps to Setting Up a Solid Ministry Budget

A lack of budgeting will prevent any ministry from being sustainable long term. You do not need an accounting degree to put together a solid ministry budget. In this video Rollie Dimos, Director of Internal Audit for the Assemblies of God national office shares 5 steps to putting together a strong ministry budget.

Ministry Budget Template

Putting together a budget isn't always the most fun thing on your calendar but a healthy ministry will steward money well. This template will help you get a head start for that next budget meaning.

Rollie Dimos | 10 Key Financial Controls Every Church Needs

Handling money is more than good practice, it is a stewardship that ministers are accountable for. In this video, Rollie Dimos, Director of Internal Audit for the Assemblies of God national office, gives basic principles for financial controls in your church. These principles will provide accountability and protect the church from abuse. Best of all - you don't need to be an accountant to understand them.

Richard Hammer & George P. Wood | The CARES Act and What it Means for Churches

This last week Congress passed the CARES Act which will help provide relief to Americans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This legislation has implications for churches that may be helpful during this time of economic stress. In this video Richard Hammer, Legal Counsel to the Assemblies of God, and George P. Wood, Editor of Influence Magazine discuss some of these implications.

Dick Hardy | How to Lead a Church Board (Part 2)

In this first episode, we talk about how to lead a church board relationally. In it, we also talk of the importance of building relationships with the board members on an individual level.

Dick Hardy | How to Lead a Church Board (Part 1)

In this episode, we will talk about leading the board in the area of money. We will examine nine ways you can lead your church board fiscally and why they are important.

Conditional Attendance Form for Sex Offenders

The church is for broken people and should be a place for healing and transformation. This means sometimes you may have people come to your church with backgrounds that can create safety and liability issues for your church. One common example of this is with sex offenders. Although the church should be a place for offenders to receive spiritual restoration, it cannot come at the expense of the safety of others. This is a sample attendance agreement form that formally outlines conditions for attendance for a sex offender to help create clear boundaries and expectations.

Chris Sexson & Kevin Townsend | Insurance Essentials for Every Church

In this video, Chris Sexson and Kevin Townsend of AG Financial walk through essential insurance needs every church should have.

Sample Campus Administrator Job Description

It's important for new employees to have clear expectations for their role. A job description is a great way to provide this. Below you can download an editable job description for a campus admin role.