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CMN Podcast | The Framework for Leadership with Dr. Kent Ingle

In this episode, Jeffery Portmann sits down with Dr. Kent Ingle from Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. Kent has written multiple books and has been a crucial part in building Southeastern University into the thriving center for learning that it is today.

CMN Podcast | Bridging the Gap with Mike Santiago

A healthy church in every community starts with each of us. Whether that means passing the baton or learning to cast vision, we all could use some wisdom. This week, Mike Santiago, pastor of Focus Church in Raleigh, NC, sits down with Jeffery Portmann to talk about his church planting journey,, and so much more!

CMN Podcast | Church Planting is for Everyone with Maricela Hernandez

Jeffery Portmann sits down in this episode with Maricela Hernandez from McAllen, TX to talk about her experience with church planting. Maricela is so passionate about seeing the lost come to Christ and believes that YOU should take the next step toward planting a church.

Travis Jones | 3 Lessons Learned In First Year Of Planting

In this video Travis Jones shares some lessons they learned in their first year of planting that they want to share with you.

City Center Church | Online Gathering Team Roles Descriptions

This resource from City Center Church, a church plant in California, shares key team roles for online gatherings including downloadable descriptions and organizational breakdowns.

Mike Santiago | Run The Play

In this video, Mike Santiago talks about how to set a goal and reach it with your team and personally.

Dick Brogden | Planting A Church In Another Country

In this video Dick Brogen talks about church planting through the context of missions and how to partner with church planters in unreached parts of the world.

Allen Kendrick | Where To Spend Money Before You Launch

In this video, Allen Kendrick from Vivid church shares how to allocate resources before your launch and how to know what to prioritize.

Glyn Barrett | Resolving the Tension Between God's Expectation and Your Limitation

At the 2019 CMN Conference, Glyn Barrett, lead pastor of !Audacious Church and the new national leader of the Assemblies of God Great Britain discussed the tension between God's expectation and man's limitation.

Jeremy Foster | Your Role in Seeing God's Purpose Fulfilled

At the 2019 CMN Conference, Pastor Jeremy Foster of Hope City in Houston, TX, shared a message about the purpose of God – and our calling to walk it out by doing the work in our daily ministry.