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Mark Brewer & Christina Kee | The Secret to Staff Chemistry

In this video, Mark Brewer and Christina Kee from the Oaks Church discuss three categories to create a culture of positive staff chemistry.

Whitney Barth & Rachel Baba | How to Have Healthy Conflict in Ministry

Whitney Barth & Rachel Baba lead this breakout session from the 2021 CMN Conference in Houston, Tx.

Dealing With Criticism in Ministry

It’s impossible to avoid criticism, but we can control how we respond to it.

Four Ways to Approach Conflict Resolution

Your approach to conflict is predictive of the outcome.

Dick Hardy | How to Obtain Good Feedback and Grow from It

Obtaining feedback is critical to improving your systems. It's not always easy to invite feedback but when you create a system for obtaining feedback you create regular and easy ways to make things better. In this video Dick Hardy from Leaders.Church introduces 6 ways to set the stage for obtaining good feedback.

Chris Railey | 7 Characteristics of Winning Churches (Part 3)

In this episode, Chris continues his series with the third installment on how to be a winning church. This episode dives deep on how winning churches perceive and approach problems. Download the leader and team notes for this episode below. Episode 3 of the CMNLeadership Podcast.

Beth Backes | Maintaining Momentum

Beth Backes, Director of Credentialing & Pastoral Care for the Northwest Ministry Network, explains how you can create an intentional plan for maintaining momentum in your ministry.

Spouse on Staff, Part 2

When spouses work together in ministry, communication and understanding are more important than ever.