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Parker Loy | How to be the Pastor You are in Person Online

In this video, Parker Loy shares from his years of experience pastoring a thriving online campus in Little Rock, Arkansas, and how it can help you navigate pastoring in an online world.

Preventing Outbreaks in Churches

Amid the ongoing pandemic, every church needs to remain vigilant and take precautions to prevent an outbreak.

Ryan Visconti | What to Communicate About Your Reopen

In this video Ryan Visconti, lead pastor of Generation Church in Arizona shares how they have managed communication as they returned to in-person services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeffery Portmann | The Future of CMN

In this video, we're talking with our new CMN Director, Jeffery Portmann, about what the future of the Church Multiplication Network looks like. We'll even discuss how Jeffery built a culture of a rapidly reproducing church in Puyallup, WA.

Rod Loy | 15 Reasons Why Pastoring Right Now is More Difficult Than It Has Ever Been

"I am very concerned for pastor and church leaders. Many are stressed, under pressure, and discouraged" says Pastor Rod Loy. In this video, he candidly talks about the pressures pastors are facing, some good coping techniques and finally, how church people can help and support their pastor.

Scott Hagan | Using Crisis for Growth

Many leaders have found themselves dealing with crisis in the last few months. In this video Scott Hagan, president of North Central University, shares from his experience as a proven leader about using these moments for growth.

Parker Loy | 5 Ways to Crush Your Reopen

As churches begin to resume in-person services, many churches are wondering how they should be done. In this video, Parker Loy from First Little Rock in Arkansas shares what they have learned about reopening physical meetings during this time.

Rodney Wardwell | 5 Things to Do When Churches Reopen

As churches begin to resume in-person services, many churches are wondering how they should be done. In this video, Rodney Wardwell, lead pastor of The Bridge church shares 5 things that teams should do to help reopen services well during the COVID-19 pandemic. As usual, always follow guidelines from your local health officials.

Ryan Visconti | How to Get the Word Out About Reopening Your Church

If you're reopening this weekend or in the near future, here are some helpful things to think through from our friend Ryan Visconti, lead pastor of Generation church in AZ that opened up a few weeks ago. We hope it helps you prepare for the time we've all been waiting for!

Mike McCrary & Mark Entzminger | Preaching with Kids in the Room

Many churches have moved to online services as their primary weekend experience. This video Mike McCrary talks with Mark Entzminger, National Director of AG Kidmin to talk about how to preach messages that reach the whole family.