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Chris Railey | Guarding Your Heart As a Leader

In a difficult leadership season, it can become easy to guard our circumstances and get a calloused heart. In this week's episode of the CMN Leadership Podcast, Chris Railey talks about the responsibility of guarding your heart as a leader.

Chris Railey | Moving from Tension to Resolution (Part 3)

It's frustrating when someone says they will get something done and they never do. Good team members will take initiative to solve problems quickly and efficiently. In this week's episode of the CMN Leadership Podcast, Chris Railey finishes his series on moving from tension to resolution by talking about the importance of initiative.

Chris Railey | Moving from Tension to Resolution (Part 1)

Getting from tension to resolution can be a difficult task on any project. Highly successful teams have three essential characteristics: trust, communication, and initiative. In this week's episode, Chris Railey hones in on the importance of trust – and why it can make or break a team.

Kristi Northup | Crafting the Worship Culture of Your Church

This is an audio recording from our breakout sessions at CMN Conference 2019 in Dallas, Texas. In this session, Kristi Northup from Saints Community Church in Louisiana teaches on the importance of worship and how giving space for the Holy Spirit to move during worship creates a meaningful experience for believers.

Brad Wicks | How Small Churches Can Think Big

Here is an audio recording of a breakout session from 2019 CMN Conference in Dallas, Texas. In this session, Brad Wicks talks about common issues smaller churches struggle with and how they can approach problems in a new way.

Chris Railey | Building Your Team & Protecting Your Church Culture (Q&A)

Episode 6 of the CMN Leadership Podcast. In this episode, Chris Railey answers questions from leaders around the country. Topics include key dynamics of team building and shaping church culture.

Chris Railey | 7 Characteristics of Winning Churches (Part 4)

In this episode, Chris wraps up his series with the fourth installment on how to be a winning church. This episode looks at how quickly churches solve problems and dynamics of organizational culture over ministry. Download the leader and team notes for this episode below. Episode 4 of the CMNLeadership Podcast.

Kristi Northup | Cultivating a Worship Focused Weekend Experience

Worship is a chance for people to personally encounter Jesus. However, worship isn't always something that people know how to do. Kristi Northup, co-lead pastor of Saints Community Church and worship leader, shares valuable advice on how to create a culture of worship during a church service.

Mike Santiago | Branding Like a Pro

This audio recording is from one of our breakout sessions at the 2018 CMN Conference. In this talk Mike Santiago talks about how to develop a cohesive brand to connect all the ministries in your church.

Rich Wilkerson | Engaging Your Community

Rich Wilkerson, senior pastor of Trinity Church Miami, discusses community engagement.