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Jose Galvis | Introducción al currículo de plantación de Iglesias CMN Español

In this session, Jose Galvis discusses the CMN Espanol church planting curriculum.

Oaks Church | Follow Jesus Discipleship Curriculum

Introducing new people to Jesus is the best part of church planting. Once someone makes that commitment it's just the beginning of their faith journey. This eight-session discipleship curriculum will help you implement a strong discipleship program in your church for new believers. Each session includes topics like learning to read the Bible, praying, and sharing the Gospel with others. Download the leader guide and the disciple guide to get started.

The Leader God Blesses | An Eight-Week Study for Teams

This is a free downloadable eight-week study to take teams through. It focuses on the beatitudes and the quality traits in a leader that God blesses as well as how to cultivate these character traits.

Building a Culture of Evaluation | An Eight-Week Study for Teams

This is a downloadable eight-week team study designed for teams. The focus of this study is building a culture of evaluation.

Team Study | 8 Keys to Becoming a Great Follower

There’s a great deal of writing, speaking and discussion on the topic of leadership. That’s important, and I would encourage any existing or aspiring leader to learn as much about leadership as possible. Leading is hard work, and learning to lead well will pay huge dividends in whatever area God has called you to serve. Less popular is the topic of “followership.” This 8-week team study will walk you through this process.