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Jeffery Portmann & John Van Pay | How to Raise New Leaders

Join Jeffery Portmann and John Van Pay as they discuss raising leaders in the church. Both of these leaders have an outstanding track record of leading teams and raising up leaders in the local church.

Taking Small Groups Online

Small groups can meet online, but it may take some creativity and flexibility.

Best Practices for Developing Women Leaders

In this episode of the Influence Podcast, Kadi Cole shows how churches can release the leadership potential of women.

Five Ways to Increase Your Church’s Bible Engagement

Here are five ways to help your congregation grow in their knowledge of, and desire for, God’s Word.

Leading Beyond Your Experience

Spirit-empowered wisdom will take you further in ministry than you thought possible, provide stability in difficult situations, and form you into the image of Christ.

Five Principles for Young Church Leaders

Here are five principles every young church leader needs to know.

The Four C’s of Leadership Development

Put the right team members in the right places by evaluating calling, character, competency and capacity.

Making Healthy Disciples

Understanding the dimensions and outcomes of discipleship will help you fulfill the Great Commission in your community.