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John Van Pay | How to Launch Small Groups That Work

Everyone desires community. Small groups are a great place to find them in church, but it's not always easy to do. John Van Pay, lead pastor of Gateway Fellowship, teaches on why small groups are so important as well as tips for how to develop a great small group experience for new believers.

Four Common Assumptions We Make When Talking to People Who Don’t Think Like Us

As Christians, there are four common assumptions we have about people who don’t think like us.

Scott Wilson | How to Add Value to Others as a Leader

Scott Wilson, Global Pastor of the Oaks Church, shares insights about how to add value to others and expand your leadership potential.

Jeffery Portmann & John Van Pay | How to Raise New Leaders

Join Jeffery Portmann and John Van Pay as they discuss raising leaders in the church. Both of these leaders have an outstanding track record of leading teams and raising up leaders in the local church.

Taking Small Groups Online

Small groups can meet online, but it may take some creativity and flexibility.

Mike Burnette | Lessons We Learned in a Season of Rapid Church Growth

Mike Burnette, lead pastor of Lifepoint Church, named the fastest growing church in America in 2018 by Outreach Magazine. Their church has embraced the parables of Jesus for key characteristics their church should have. In this video Pastor Mike talks about the Parable of the Prodigal Son and how it relates to church growth as well as the culture of grace and forgiveness in their church. This video is number 2 in a series of 3.

Clayton Brooks | Biblical Engagement and Worship

On this CMN Less Than Ten, Clayton Brooks, worship pastor of Oaks Church, describes how to integrate scripture into the worship ministry.

Jeff Leake | Raising Up Volunteers for Multiplication

When you grow and multiply there will always be more to do than you can do by yourself. Being able to connect your attendees to service is a critical part of discipleship and overall effectiveness in executing the vision God has given you to multiply your church. In this video Jeff Leake, Lead Pastor of Allison Park Church in Pennsylvania talks about how to create onramps for people to get involved in the church.