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Child Safety Comes First

Is your church doing enough to keep children safe?

Rob Ketterling | How to Keep Your Marriage Healthy In Ministry

Ministry can put a lot of strain on even the most healthy marriages. In this video, Rob Ketterling, lead pastor of River Valley Church, talks about mistakes he made when trying to balance ministry and his home life and a few things he has learned to stay healthy for the long haul. Whether you are married, dating, or single, these bits of advice will help you be a better leader.

Herbert Cooper | Managing Your Priorities

When urgent matters start to take over your schedule it's easy to lose track of your priorities as a leader. In this video, Herbert Cooper, lead pastor of People's Church, gives insight on what things need to be at the forefront of every leader's schedule.

Jason Exley | Guarding Your Family Time While Serving in Ministry

Pastor Jason Exley of Life Church in Midlothian, TX, shares from his personal experience about the importance of scheduling time with your family – and guarding that time well – while serving in ministry with excellence.

Chris Railey | Raising Kids Who Love Jesus And The Church

We all want our kids to grow up to love Jesus and be connected to a church community, but the reality is this doesn't always happen. The truth is, you can't make every decision for your kids, but you can set them up to know how to make good choices. In this week's episode of the CMN Leadership Podcast, Chris Railey talks about three things you can be doing now that will help make you a better parent and set up your kids to love Jesus in the future.

Brian & Beth Engl | Marriage and Ministry: A Blueprint for Surviving and Thriving

This is an audio recording from our breakout sessions at CMN Conference 2019 in Dallas, Texas. In this session, Brian & Beth Engl talk about marriage and how to keep your relationship strong while experiencing the demands of ministry.

Jason Sandoval | Cultivating a Strong Children's Ministry

How do you build and staff the children's ministry at your church plant? Jason Sandoval, Family Pastor at Gateway Fellowship Church, joins us on this CMN Less Than Ten to talk through best practices for managing a children's ministry.

Caleb & Chrissy Cole | Leading Together

This audio recording is from one of our breakout sessions at the 2018 CMN Conference. In this session Caleb and Chrissy Cole help navigate the dynamics of serving in ministry with your spouse. Although there are unique challenges, there is also many benefits to this model.

Mark Entzminger | How to Have an Amazing Kids Ministry

This audio recording is from one of our breakout sessions at the 2018 CMN Conference. This session focuses on reaching families better by having a stellar kids ministry. Mark Entzminger teaches on how to give special attention to this critical ministry.