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Stephen Blandino | Hiring, Onboarding, and All Things, Staff

In this session, Stephen Blandino discusses hiring, onboarding, and all things staff.

Mark Brewer & Christina Kee | The Secret to Staff Chemistry

In this video, Mark Brewer and Christina Kee from the Oaks Church discuss three categories to create a culture of positive staff chemistry.

Aaron Burke | How to Hire Staff that will Propel Your Team Forward

For every organization that hires people, there is a different hiring philosophy. You can hire people to do one specific job, or you can look for people who empower others; people who can build teams and multiply the effectiveness of your organization. In this episode of CMN Less Than 10, Aaron Burke, Lead Pastor of Radiant Church in Tampa, FL shares his perspective on staff hiring and how his philosophy of hiring people who empower people has been a game-changer for Radiant.

Greg Ford | How to Hire and Fire Like a Pro

Hiring and parting ways with volunteers or employees can be a difficult process. Greg Ford, lead pastor of One Church, gives clear advice on how to do these two things in a way that adds value to others and strengthens your leadership.

Kristi Northup | Questions To Ask When Hiring A Worship Leader

In this video Kristi Northup, who planted a church in Louisiana, shares from her experience as both a worship leader and a church planter what kind of questions to ask when hiring this pivotal role on your team.

Dan Hunter | How To Retain Quality Staff

To stop losing your talented staff, you need to find new ways to maximize the moments you have with them. At the end of the day, no leader can keep any person forever. But, you can add some new practices to your leadership to retain quality staff. In this CMN less than 10, Dan Hunter shares some tips on how every leader can keep their talented team members around for a longer season.

Justin Lathrop | Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Church Staff

This is an audio recording from our breakout sessions at CMN Conference 2019 in Dallas, Texas. In this session, Justin Lathrop teaches on how to hire strong team members and how to keep the ones you have.

Dan Hunter | Staffing for Growth

This audio recording is from one of our breakout sessions at the 2018 CMN Conference. Adding staff is a big decision that impacts the entire church. In this session Dan Hunter talks about how to strategically add new staff in order to facilitate and anticipate growth.

When It’s Time to Add, Part 2

Before hiring a new staff member, do this simple assessment.