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Developing Leaders From Within

When we provide a framework for theological training, offer ongoing leadership development, and actively engage volunteers in real-time ministry experiences, we will make disciples who make disciples.

Jeffery Portmann | Creating Space to Build Preaching Teams

In this video Jeffery Portmann stresses the benefit of creating space for people to aid preaching and teaching. He dives into the reasoning for making space for this group of people in your ministry.

Scott Hagan | Using Crisis for Growth

Many leaders have found themselves dealing with crisis in the last few months. In this video Scott Hagan, president of North Central University, shares from his experience as a proven leader about using these moments for growth.

Dan Hunter | Seeing Vision Become Reality

Pastor Dan Hunter talks about how to make your vision and dreams into a reality of life. He explains the importance of listening and obeying God's Word when trusting Him to make vision a reality.

Jeffery Portmann & John Van Pay | How to Raise New Leaders

Join Jeffery Portmann and John Van Pay as they discuss raising leaders in the church. Both of these leaders have an outstanding track record of leading teams and raising up leaders in the local church.

Mike McCrary & Al Toledo | Addressing Fears of Restarting Church Services

Leadership is visible on the outside but is determined by what is on the inside of an individual. In this video, Mike McCrary talks with Al Toledo from Brooklyn Tabernacle in Chicago about the heart of the leader and why it is so important.

John Davidson & Ashley Evans | Leading Through a Crisis

Leadership has taken on unique dynamics during the COVID-19 pandemic. From not being able to meet physically to unprecedented financial hardships in communities, these challenges can be difficult to navigate for any seasoned leader. In this video, John Davidson talks with Ashley Evans from Influencers Church in Australia and the US about how to lead well during a crisis.

How to Lead When Your Church Is Closed

Government authorities have temporarily prohibited social gatherings, including church services, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This podcast discusses ways for pastors to lead when their congregations can't meet face to face.

Staff Meetings, Sticky Notes, and Synergy

The lowly sticky note could help your ministry team in surprising ways.

Casting Vision Across Generations

Here are three ways to get people of all ages on board with the vision God has given you.