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Greg Ford | Knowing My Identity: Called

Knowing your identity in God allows you to be comfortable in your own skin. In this video Greg Ford, lead pastor of One Church, sheds light on the fact that every one of us is called.

Jim Kelly | Key Things to Get on the Calendar Next Year

You can't get back spent time. That's why you need to prioritize where it goes. Jim Kelly outlines why rest and margin for fun and family are critical for your long term spiritual health.

Reading for Ministry Leaders

Here are three titles to add to your library.

Rodney Wardwell | Delegation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Good leaders know what to hold on to and what to give away. Not knowing how to do this greatly hinders your ability to lead well. Rodney Wardwell, pastor of The Bridge Church, uses this video to teach on how to know what to delegate and who to give it to as well as addressing common mistakes leaders make in sharing responsibilities.

Scott Hagan | How to Get Rid of the Things that Hold You Back

There are no perfect leaders, but there are healthy leaders. Scott Hagan, President of North Central University gives insight on how to recognize your own flaws and make corrections based on them. Great leaders know their limitations and maximize their potential for growth.

Aaron Burke | How to Share Your Vision with Others Effectively

Casting a compelling vision is an important part of leadership. Aaron Burke, lead pastor of Radiant Church, shares how to cast a vision to your team in a way that is meaningful and memorable.

Greg Ford | How to Hire and Fire Like a Pro

Hiring and parting ways with volunteers or employees can be a difficult process. Greg Ford, lead pastor of One Church, gives clear advice on how to do these two things in a way that adds value to others and strengthens your leadership.

Scott Wilson | How to Add Value to Others as a Leader

Scott Wilson, Global Pastor of the Oaks Church, shares insights about how to add value to others and expand your leadership potential.

Developing Leaders From Within

When we provide a framework for theological training, offer ongoing leadership development, and actively engage volunteers in real-time ministry experiences, we will make disciples who make disciples.

Jeffery Portmann | Creating Space to Build Preaching Teams

In this video Jeffery Portmann stresses the benefit of creating space for people to aid preaching and teaching. He dives into the reasoning for making space for this group of people in your ministry.