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Ministry Budget Template

Putting together a budget isn't always the most fun thing on your calendar but a healthy ministry will steward money well. This template will help you get a head start for that next budget meaning.

Brian Engl | Finding Rhythm as a Church Plant Team

In this video church planter, Brian Engl talks about how to find the right pace for you and your team in order to keep unity and honor people's time.

Leading Virtually

Here are five tips for leading effectively in this new environment.

Leading Your Board

Respect, trust and humility are vital to pastor-board relationships.

Four Benefits of a Weekly Staff Meeting

Here are four things your ministry team can accomplish through a weekly staff meeting.

Five Things to Consider When You Have a Down Sunday

When attendance is lagging, here are five ways to investigate what’s really going on.

Chris Railey | How to Lead a Meeting Well

Meetings are important, but only when they are done well. When meetings are run poorly they waste time and destroy productivity. This week, Chris Railey walks through four ways you can make the most of your meetings.

Volunteer Pre-Service Meeting Outline

Having a weekly check in with volunteers helps to provide clarity for what is expected of them and also allows for prayer and times of vision casting. These two documents provide a sample outline for you to use at your church when meeting with volunteers before service. It contains vision casting, information, and prayer (VIP). Feel free to download it and edit it to fit your needs. This resource was provided by NewSpring church for more resources from the check out

Jeremy Dunn | Preparing Your Pre-Launch Team for Post-Launch Challenges

How do you prepare your pre-launch team for the new challenges and dynamics of your church post-launch? Pastor Jeremy Dunn of C/LIFE Church in Orlando joins us on this CMN Less Than Ten to discuss strategies for success.