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Scott Wilson | How to Add Value to Others as a Leader

Scott Wilson, Global Pastor of the Oaks Church, shares insights about how to add value to others and expand your leadership potential.

Developing Leaders From Within

When we provide a framework for theological training, offer ongoing leadership development, and actively engage volunteers in real-time ministry experiences, we will make disciples who make disciples.

Scott Hagan | 5 Things to Know If You're Building a Leader from Scratch

Scott Hagan, CMN Lead Team member and president of North Central University, outlines the five things every new leader needs to know – the most basic elements of building a leader from scratch.

Best Practices for Developing Women Leaders

In this episode of the Influence Podcast, Kadi Cole shows how churches can release the leadership potential of women.

Donna Barrett | How Women Leaders Can Cultivate a Strong Ministerial Resume

Every experience in ministry matters. Building a ministerial resume is critical for any leader, but especially for women leaders. In this longer video, Donna Barrett, General Secretary of the Assemblies of God, teaches on how female leaders can develop and enrich their ministry resume. Ultimately, this allows for future leadership opportunities.This teaching was given at a Network of Women Ministers event in Springfield, MO. For more information on the NWM check out:

Christina Vincent | NWM: 5 Ways to Mentor Women Leaders

Having women in key leadership positions is vital to the church. Sometimes leaders feel uncomfortable with the idea of mentoring women. In this video Christina Vincent, Under 40 and AG University Strategist shares 5 practical ways to mentor women leaders. The NWM's mission is to mobilize women to fulfill their ministerial call. For more information, check out their website:

Scott Hagan | What to Look for in a Leader

How do you develop a leader from scratch? CMN Lead Team member Scott Hagan shares the attributes to look for in future leaders on this CMN Less Than Ten.

Dan Hunter | How to Approach Leadership Development

"We want great leaders given to us, but they're actually grown." Dan Hunter and Greg Ford discuss leadership development on this CMN Less Than Ten.

Sam Farina | Listening and Asking Questions

Sam Farina, director of AG Coaching and member of the CMN field-based team, discusses how coaching affects leadership, how to listen well, and how to ask questions effectively.

Doug Clay | Leadership Priorities

Doug Clay, general superintendent of the Assemblies of God USA, shares his leadership priorities for the AG and discusses the headwinds that he sees facing our Fellowship on this CMN Less Than Ten.