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William Rodriguez | La Importancia de la Mentoría para Plantadores (The Importance of Mentoring Church Planters)

In this session, William Rodriguez discusses the importance of mentoring church planters. ESPANOL.

Rural Church Planting | Identifying God's Leaders

In this video, David Bright from Granite Station Cowboy Church shares insights from the story of Elijah as an illustration for how to identify and equip leaders in your church.

Byron Ellis | Why You Need a Pastor as a Pastor

Every pastor needs a pastor. In this video Bryan Ellis talks about the value of having key leaders in your life to pastor you as you fulfill your calling to pastor others.

Scott Hagan | 5 Things to Know If You're Building a Leader from Scratch

Scott Hagan, CMN Lead Team member and president of North Central University, outlines the five things every new leader needs to know – the most basic elements of building a leader from scratch.

CMN Podcast |Leading Outside Your Comfort Zone with Jeremy DeWeerdt

Have you ever stepped into something you didn't feel qualified for? Like it would require you to flex some muscles you weren't even sure you had? Welcome to leadership. Though this tension is real, there's a way you can successfully lead outside your comfort zone and still succeed.

CMN Podcast |Crafting Successful Succession with Nate Ruch

Maybe you've heard it said, "success without succession is failure." Succession itself is composed of a few different pieces and can be harmful if done wrong; so Nate Ruch is here to help. Watch the newest episode of the CMN Leadership Podcast to find out how to craft successful succession!

CMN Podcast |Apprenticeship in Action with Wes Davis

Want to know one of the secrets to a strong church? Strong apprenticeship. Taking people on a journey with you as they learn ministry is one of the greatest things you and your church could do. Find out how to do it successfully by hearing what Wes Davis and his newlife church team do to put their apprenticeship in action!

Scott Wilson | How to Add Value to Others as a Leader

Scott Wilson, Global Pastor of the Oaks Church, shares insights about how to add value to others and expand your leadership potential.

Developing Leaders From Within

When we provide a framework for theological training, offer ongoing leadership development, and actively engage volunteers in real-time ministry experiences, we will make disciples who make disciples.

Jeff Leake & Scott Wilson | Spiritual Fathering

In this video Jeff Leake of Allison Park Church and Scott Wilson from the Oaks talk about spiritual parenting and the discipline of investing in other leaders sacrificially. Scott Wilson head this initiative for the Oaks as global pastor.