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CMN Podcast | The Mindset of a Multiplier with Patrick Grach

Multipliers are world changers. It takes a special type of person to be able to reproduce and multiply themselves over and over. It takes a whole different set of skills to multiply your organization while multiplying people. How do you become this kind of leader? Patrick Grach lets us know in this episode!

Austin Jacobs | Multiplication by Recalibration

Austin Jacobs leads this breakout session from the 2021 CMN Conference in Houston, Tx.

Jeff Leake | 4 Ways to be a Multiplying Church

Jeff Leake, Lead Pastor of Allison Park Church, shares 4 ways that you can be a multiplying church.

Jeff Portman & Wes Davis | Creating a Culture of Multiplication through Apprenticeship

Breakout session from CMN Conference 2020 in Dallas, Texas.

John Davidson & Ray Hudson | Preparing Your Church for Multiplication

John Davidson and Ray Hudson talk about the churches they have seen grow and multiply, and how today's church planters can prepare to grow their church.

Jeff Leake | Where Do You Find the Leaders to Multiply?

To multiply your church you may be wondering who would make a good campus pastor or who would be a good church planter to send out. Finding the right person to partner with is critical for this big undertaking. In this video Jeff Leake, Lead Pastor of Allison Park Church in Pennsylvania talks about how to find the right leaders for multiplication.

Jeff Leake | Key Relationships in Church Multiplication

Church multiplication isn't easy. Whether planting a church or launching a new location you can't do it without relationships. In this video Jeff Leake, Lead Pastor of Allison Park Church discusses key relationships to invest in when planting a church or starting a new campus.

Paul Fraser | What You Should Be Measuring to Become a Multiplying Church

On this CMN Less Than Ten, Paul Fraser, Multiply Network coordinator for The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, shares what the latest research on Canada's biggest evangelizing churches tells us about how to become a multiplying, soul-saving church.

Jeff Leake | Is Church Multiplication Even Biblical?

Is church multiplication biblical? Should churches strive to multiply? In this video Jeff Leake, Lead Pastor of Allison Park Church in Pennsylvania talks about the theology of multiplication and the calling to start churches in new places.

Raymond Hudson | Using Demographics to Plan Your Next Campus

Launching a new campus is an amazing opportunity. One of the first questions you may have is, "where?". Choosing a location for a new campus or church plant doesn't have to be done randomly. In this video by Ray Hudson digs deeper into demographically driven campus locations. This is where you place a new campus where people in your church already live. For a step by step guide from CMN on how to launch a new campus check out Video 2 in series of 4