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Assimilation Class Example

Getting people connected to church is a lot easier when you have a strategy. A good assimilation resource will help outline every step of the way for new believers to get involved at church. Usually this happens through a special class that meets over several weeks. This downloadable example can serve as a template to get started on your own assimilation class. This resource was provided by Canvas church.

Guest Follow Up Template

Following up with new visitors in a timely manner will help them feel more connected to your church and will make coming back easier. Typically this is one of the first things that falls through the cracks, especially after a day off and lack of communication with your team. This resource, provided by Focus Church is a great example of what a follow up plan looks like. Feel free to download it and use it as a template for your church.

Kristi Northup | How to Talk to a New Believer about Spirit Baptism

In this episode of CMN Less than Ten, Kristi Northup from Saints Community Church, talks about how to navigate walking with a new believer in the baptism of the Holy Spirit in your church.

Oaks Church | Follow Jesus Discipleship Curriculum

Introducing new people to Jesus is the best part of church planting. Once someone makes that commitment it's just the beginning of their faith journey. This eight-session discipleship curriculum will help you implement a strong discipleship program in your church for new believers. Each session includes topics like learning to read the Bible, praying, and sharing the Gospel with others. Download the leader guide and the disciple guide to get started.

New Believer Gift Template

Introducing new people to Jesus is why we do what we do. This is the most important decision a person can make. When someone makes a decision to be a Jesus follower it is important to give them tools to grow. A practical and meaningful way to do this is by giving a small gift to new believers that introduces them to the Bible and becomes a launchpad into your discipleship process. This resource will give you a blueprint for a new believer gift.