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Golgotha Youth Series Graphics + Sermon Abstracts

If students understand the Cross and the Resurrection—the two things that, without them, our faith wouldn’t exist—they get everything. This series is an Easter series focused on three sayings that are vital to the life of a student: Father Forgive Them, Why Have You Forsaken Me, and It is Finished. It includes graphics, a bumper, and sermon abstracts you can download below.

Back to the Preaching Basics

To reach your next level of preaching, consider going back to the basics.

Overcoming Sermon Block

Hitting a mental roadblock means lost time and divided focus during sermon preparation.

How to Preach on Miracles at Christmas

Belief is at the heart of the Christmas story, both for those who first received it and for us today.

Christmas Eve Service Kit

This set of assets from Bridges Church in Nashville includes live worship videos, sermon graphics, communion, message, and even kids service assets.

Mike Santiago | How to Use a Sermon Series to Build Momentum

Having a good series to start off with will allow you to take people on a longer journey through a biblical theme. A series that resonates with people will also make it easy for others to invite friends and family to a service. In this video church planter, Mike Santiago shares how to use a sermon series as a great tool for building momentum during key seasons of your church.

Colors of Christmas Sermon Graphic

These sermon graphics can help you get a head start on your next preaching series this Christmas. Feel free to download the folder below with a fully editable file. This resource was provided by Christ Church of the Valley in Arizona.

Preaching for a Decision

The moment of decision in a service is worth the thought and effort you put into it.

David Hertweck | Preaching Master Class: The Takeaway

The takeaway is the conclusion to your talk. This is your opportunity to offer specific next steps while framing group-wide application in the language of mission. In this video, David will help you craft your conclusion to be a life-changing moment.

David Hertweck | Preaching Master Class: The Thread

All preaching should in some way introduce people to Jesus. In this video, David shares 5 tips on how to connect your individual passage to the bigger story of Scripture and how it intersects with Jesus.