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Greg Ford | 2 Keys To Real Rest

Rest is not only essential it's a divine mandate. In this video, Greg Ford from One Church shares two keys to reenergizing your body and soul.

Herbert Cooper | Managing Your Priorities

When urgent matters start to take over your schedule it's easy to lose track of your priorities as a leader. In this video, Herbert Cooper, lead pastor of People's Church, gives insight on what things need to be at the forefront of every leader's schedule.

Four Common Assumptions We Make When Talking to People Who Don’t Think Like Us

As Christians, there are four common assumptions we have about people who don’t think like us.

Four Conversation Starters for Christians and Doubters

Use questions to build connections with someone who doesn’t share your worldview.

Preston Ulmer & Allen Kendrick | Planting a Church in the Midst of a Pandemic

For many church planters hoping to launch in 2020 the pandemic has created a need to change plans. In this video Preston Ulmer talks with Allen Kendrick, who is getting ready to plant a church in Colombia, South Carolina about what planting a church looks like in this season.

Preston Ulmer & Jeremy Johnson | Creating Digital Community

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many churches are looking for ways to create a community in online environments. In this CMN's Preston Ulmer interviews Jeremy Johnson, lead pastor of Northpoint Church in Missouri about how they are finding innovative ways to do this.

Preston Ulmer | What Do Non-Christians Want From the Church in Crisis?

In this video, Preston Ulmer, Director of Network Development for CMN shares insights about what non-Christians are looking to see from the church. Preston is the founder of Doubters Club, which is a dialogue between Christians and Atheists that happens in small meetings around the country.

Blessed Are the Doubters — If They Remain Faithful

Doubts and troubling times don’t have to destroy our faith.

Preston Ulmer | Reaching Gen X and Millennials

Preston Ulmer speaks about why there is often a gap between the church and recent generations and how the church can better relate to GenX and Millennials.

Rob Ketterling | How to Keep Your Marriage Healthy In Ministry

Ministry can put a lot of strain on even the most healthy marriages. In this video, Rob Ketterling, lead pastor of River Valley Church, talks about mistakes he made when trying to balance ministry and his home life and a few things he has learned to stay healthy for the long haul. Whether you are married, dating, or single, these bits of advice will help you be a better leader.