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Jonathan Hardy | 6 Steps for Connecting People in Community

Once someone decides to make your church their church home, it's time to help them make meaningful connections in the community. In this video Jonathan Hardy from Leaders.Church talks about what you need to develop a system for helping people make those connections.

David Lindell | Discipleship Systems

One of the primary goals of pastoring is to see people discipled, but how do you do so effectively? Pastor David Lindell joins us on this CMN Less Than Ten to talk about the process of discipleship at James River Church.

John Van Pay | How to Launch Small Groups That Work

Everyone desires community. Small groups are a great place to find them in church, but it's not always easy to do. John Van Pay, lead pastor of Gateway Fellowship, teaches on why small groups are so important as well as tips for how to develop a great small group experience for new believers.

'God's War' Kid's Sermon Series Graphics, Outlines, and Music

Having engaging kids curriculum is a great way to disciple children and reach the families in your church. This set of resources includes everything you need to get started including graphics, slides, teaching outlines and even dance moves and lyric video.

David Stocker Jr | How to Grow Disciples through Small Groups

Pastor David Stocker Jr articulates a powerful message on the needs and benefits of small group discipleship in churches.

Perfect Time for Bible Engagement

For Lighthouse Outreach Center, a pandemic turned out to be the perfect time to launch Bible Engagement Project.

Taking Small Groups Online

Small groups can meet online, but it may take some creativity and flexibility.

Mike Quinn & Danny Bias | Goals to Set when Starting Life Groups

Pastor Mike Quinn and Danny Bias elaborate on their use of Life Groups within their church. They establish the underlying need for Life groups within churches and how they help serve as a primary environment for discipleship.