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Aaron Burke | How To Spot Leaders

In this video Aaron Burke, lead pastor of Radiant Church, which has launched 5 locations in 7 years, shares how to spot and develop leaders in your community.

Nate Ruch | What You Need to Develop a Pastoral Care Team

Pastoral care is demanding and can easily drain a single person, that's why it's best to have a pastoral care team. Nate Ruch of Emmanuel Church teaches how you should approach pastoral care. This includes developing a pastoral care team and how to view the nature of pastoral ministry.

Jason Hanash | 6 Keys To Influencing Culture

In this video, Jason Hanash from Discovery Church focuses on the culture we create in the churches we serve. He identifies 6 core aspects of culture that need to be clearly defined by your leadership team.

Beth Backes | Building Diversity In The Church

In this video Beth Backes shares practical steps on how to make your church look more like heaven on Sunday mornings and to best serve all parts of your community.

Zack Green | Managing Multiple Roles

Often, as our influence grows we inherit more responsibilities, tasks, and roles. In this episode of CMN Less than Ten, Zack Green of Summit Park Church shares his experience with managing multiple roles and developing leadership that trusts others.

Scott Hagan | 5 Things to Know If You're Building a Leader from Scratch

Scott Hagan, CMN Lead Team member and president of North Central University, outlines the five things every new leader needs to know – the most basic elements of building a leader from scratch.

Mark Brewer & Christina Kee | The Secret to Staff Chemistry

In this video, Mark Brewer and Christina Kee from the Oaks Church discuss three categories to create a culture of positive staff chemistry.

Ray Hudson | How to Build a Blueprint for Team Roles

In this video church planter, Ray Hudson shares how to make sure you have leaders in the right roles to make sure they are reaching their potential and your team is having the maximum impact in your community.

Kevin Geer | Building a Collaborative Team

Kevin Geer leads this breakout session from the 2021 CMN Conference in Houston, Tx.

Dismantling Hurdles to Women in Leadership

We need to remove the hurdles that keep women from stepping into church leadership roles.