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Benny and Kelli Ferguson | Volunteer Culture: Moving People from Sitting to Serving

This audio recording is from one of our breakout sessions at the 2018 CMN Conference. In this session Benny and Kelli Ferguson lead a discussion about what it means to have a volunteer culture and how to encourage people to experience God through serving others.

Recruiting Small Group Leaders

Recruiting small group leaders may be simpler than you think.

Jeff Leake | Raising Up Volunteers for Multiplication

When you grow and multiply there will always be more to do than you can do by yourself. Being able to connect your attendees to service is a critical part of discipleship and overall effectiveness in executing the vision God has given you to multiply your church. In this video Jeff Leake, Lead Pastor of Allison Park Church in Pennsylvania talks about how to create onramps for people to get involved in the church.

Jason Patterson | Redefining Leadership Development

Jason Patterson, lead pastor of Parkside Church Indy, talks about how their church plant changed the way they look at leadership development to bring out the full potential of their staff and volunteers.

Wayne Northup | How to Build the Perfect Church Volunteer

When you're leading a church, it's important to coach your volunteers in the competencies they need the most. In this episode of CMN Less Than Ten, Wayne Northup, lead pastor of Saints Community Church in New Orleans, shares how their church trains its volunteers in 15 core attributes they believe every leader should have.

Mike Santiago | How to Make Volunteering Easy

In this video Mike Santiago, Lead Pastor of Focus Church in Raleigh, North Carolina, talks about how to recruit new volunteers. Volunteers are an essential part of a healthy church and service is one of the primary ways people experience hands-on discipleship. This video will map out how to effectively invite people to serve and connect them in the right spot when they do.

Jonathan Hardy | 7 Steps for Onboarding Volunteers

Recruiting and keeping volunteers can be difficult. Having a system for recruiting, training, and communicating with volunteers will make this process better. In this video Jonathan Hardy from Leaders.Church maps out how to build a volunteer system.

Leading Beyond Your Experience

Spirit-empowered wisdom will take you further in ministry than you thought possible, provide stability in difficult situations, and form you into the image of Christ.

Jill Fox | How to Create a Volunteer-Friendly Culture at Your Church

God designed the Church to run on volunteer power. Every member of the congregation is a spiritually gifted individual, after all, called and empowered to do “the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12, ESV). And yet, many churches experience a chronic shortage of volunteers. What is the cause of this shortage, and what can pastors and other church leaders do about it? Those are the questions Influence magazine Executive Editor George P. Wood explores with Jill Fox in Episode 153 of the Influence Podcast. Fox is ministry initiatives and next gen pastor at Westwood Community Church in Excelsior, Minnesota, and co-author, with Leith Anderson, of two books: The Volunteer Church and Volunteering, both published by Zondervan.

Five Reasons Your Volunteers Quit

Are you having trouble retaining volunteers? Here are five common reasons volunteers quit — and what you can do to keep them on the team.