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'Run Wild' Youth Series Graphics and Sermon Notes

Connecting with youth and young adults is one of the most fun ministries to be a part of. Having strong content to teach and connect with them is vital for fostering growth and maturity as they enter into adulthood. This set of resources will help do that and includes everything you need to get started including graphics and sermon outlines.

Jon Brown | Creating Alignment in Your Next-Gen Strategy

In this video, Jon Brown shares how to build a solid next-gen strategy to disciple the younger members of your church and how to make sure it is as effective as possible.

Mark Entzminger| Building a Ministry Strategy to Reach the Whole Family

Mark Entzminger leads this breakout session from the 2021 CMN Conference in Houston, Tx.

Josh Wellborn |7 Deadly Sins of NextGen Ministry

Josh Wellborn leads this breakout session from the 2021 CMN Conference in Houston, Tx.

Golgotha Youth Series Graphics + Sermon Abstracts

If students understand the Cross and the Resurrection—the two things that, without them, our faith wouldn’t exist—they get everything. This series is an Easter series focused on three sayings that are vital to the life of a student: Father Forgive Them, Why Have You Forsaken Me, and It is Finished. It includes graphics, a bumper, and sermon abstracts you can download below.

The Three C’s of Youth Ministry Innovation

If students’ problems and your solutions seem light-years apart, the three C’s of innovation can help.

The Lead Pastor’s Role in Youth Ministry

Lead pastors have a key role to play in reaching and retaining students.

Alive in 5 | Six-Week Youth Series

This is a six-part series called, "Alive in 5." The goal of this series, based on the resource of the same name, is to help students share their faith with their friends. This is perfect for Fall and the back-to-school season! No matter what form school takes, equipping students to share the gospel is an essential part of discipleship.

Church Relaunch Kit

A resource designed for your senior leadership team to help relaunch your church

Kidmin Relaunch Kit

This relaunch kit is specifically focused on kids ministry