Three Social Media Tools You Should Be Using

Most people know the basics when it comes to social media. You log on, write a post, read about what’s happening in someone else’s life, and post a comment. You probably know how to upload a photo or share a gif, and how to like and share other people’s content. Perhaps you’ve even waded into some social media advertising.

But there are many more tools at your disposal that you may not be using. Social media is a great way to get the word out about your life, about your church and about Jesus. Never before in the history of the world have we been able to expand the reach of our message to the extent that is possible today.

Sure, there are dangers to social media. But the opportunity to reach the world for Jesus outweighs the risks involved.

Here are three social media tools you may have overlooked that can take your online presence to the next level and get your church noticed by those looking for a spiritual home.

1. Facebook Video

You’ve probably watched videos on Facebook. Some of them are linked directly from YouTube or another video streaming site, or they may be embedded in an article. But Facebook also has its own video sharing service right on the site.

The ultimate goal is to reach souls, not increase views, likes or impressions.

It’s simple to film and upload a video on Facebook. At the same place where you post updates and upload videos, there is an icon for a video feed. The difference is that you can post these videos live and see real-time comments and interaction. This is a great way to stream your Sunday worship services for free.

You can also post videos at any time, whether it’s a special announcement, an update from camp or important information. And you can post it right from your smartphone, so you don’t need expensive camera equipment or editing software.

2. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a way to link and post videos and photos to update people about what’s happening right now. The links are not permanent; you can remove them within 24 hours, which keeps your overall Instagram feed clean.

This is a great way to stir up interest in what is going on right then and there. Think about posting an Instagram story during an outreach event or special service, letting people in your area know how they can participate.

3. Twitter Moments

Twitter moments are linked tweets (along with video or pictures, if you want) that create one stream or story. This is a great way to share your sermon points or important topics from your weekend service. And since it’s possible to push Twitter moments via the website based on location, those who don’t even attend your church can still interact with them.

These simple tools can help your people get the word out on social media — and help your church connect with people online before connecting with them in person. The ultimate goal is to reach souls, not increase views, likes or impressions.

But the greatest impression we can make on people is the grace of God. Why not use whatever tools we have to accomplish that?

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