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What is Steps to Plant?

Get started on following your roadmap to launch day - and beyond. Using CMN's steps to plant process, you'll learn what it takes to plant a church, launch a healthy church in your community, and lead your church to multiply.

Learn step by step what you need to plant a church from vision to launch day

Discover how to build momentum up to Launch day

5 straight to the point modules on a 1 year timeline

Navigate administrative processes like incorporation and connecting with your district

Develop a ministry plan to raise funds and recruit team members

Discover how to build key systems to help with discipleship and assimilation

Create a strategic marketing plan to get the word out about your church

Put together a working budget to help you launch financially healthy

I feel the call on my life to start a new church. I want to see a community changed by the power of the gospel and lives transformed through a new church that I take the lead in establishing.

Modules Overview

10-12 months out

This module focuses on things you should be doing about a year out from launch. It covers things like getting incorporated as a church and early marketing.

7-9 months out

This module will help you get started on things you should be thinking about 7-9 months from your launch date like building a launch team and raising funds for your new church plant.

4-6 months out

This module covers things like finalizing a venue and hosting pre-launch meetings. We recommend doing things in this module 4-6 months before your launch date.

2-3 months out

This module focuses on things you should be doing the last few months before you launch. It covers topics like developing ministry systems, planning for services, and strategic marketing.

1 month out

This module focuses on taking care of final details before your launch. This includes running practice services, getting your sermons ready, and ramping up community engagement.

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