CMN Launch Prework

CMN Launch events prepare church planting teams to launch their church. This module will walk you through the necessary pre-work to complete before your event and better prepare you to work with your CMN coach.


  • Unit 1
  • 1

    Welcome to CMN Launch
    Jeffery Portmann, Director of the Church Multiplication Network, shares his church planting story and lets you know what you can expect at CMN Launch!

  • 2

    Healthy Leaders
    Greg Ford, Lead Pastor of One Church and CMN Lead Team Member, shares what he wishes he knew about healthy self-leadership before launching his church.

  • 3

    Demographic Evaluation
    Demographic information for your new church or campus is essential.

  • 4

    Ministry Plan
    This video will serve as an introduction to help you begin creating your CMN Ministry Plan. We hope this will be a great resource for you before, during, and after you attend a CMN Launch event!

  • 5

    Dr. Mike McCrary, Director of Funding, explains the CMN assessment process.

  • 6

    Thank You
    Congratulations! You have completed your Launch Pre-Work.

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