CMN Launch events prepare church planting teams to launch their church. This module will walk you through the necessary pre-work to complete before your event and better prepare you to work with your CMN coach.


  • Unit 1
  • 1

    CMN Launch Coordinator Jordan Deese will walk you through the 5 key components of CMN Launch Pre-Work and how they will prepare you for your upcoming Launch event!

  • 2

    Self Evaluation Intro
    Sam Farina, director of A/G Coaching walks you through the importance of Self Evaluation on your church planting journey!

  • 3

    Self-Evaluation DISC Assessment
    Sam Farina walks you through your DISC Personality Assessment and how it can increase your leadership capacity and ability.

  • 4

    Place Evaluation
    Rodney Wardwell, CMN Field Based Team Member and Lead Pastor at the Bridge Church in Oklahoma City, OK, shares on the importance of demographic information for your new church or campus.

  • 5

    Dr. Mike McCrary, Director of Funding, explains the CMN assessment process.

  • 6

    Dr. Chris Railey, Director of the Church Multiplication Network, walks you through the Kingdom Concept of Vision and how to develop it for your new church or campus!

  • 7

    Ministry Plan
    This video will help serve as an introduction to creating your CMN Ministry Plan that we hope will be a great resource for you pre-, during, and and post-Launch event in order to launch your new church or campus healthy and strong!

  • 8

    Thank You
    Congratulations! You have completed your Launch Pre-Work.

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