How to Lead a Board

One of the most overlooked qualities of a good senior leader is the ability to work well with a church board. A healthy church board can be amazingly effective at fulfilling a vision for a new community while providing stability and accountability for a local church. In this training Dick Hardy from Leaders.Church shares insights on leading a board effectively. 

This series was provided by our friends at Leaders.Church. Leaders.Church is full of practical resources and online training for pastors and church leaders to grow the church and lead their teams. Leaders.Church members receive hands-on teaching through on-demand access to the entire library of 240+ videos and accompanying discussion guides. These resources are perfect for both personal growth and training teams of staff or volunteers, helping everyone improve their effectiveness as leaders in ministry. 

They’ve just launched the new webinar entitled, The 4 Secrets Pastors Can Use To Grow The Church, Ignite Their People and Make A Massive Difference... even when they feel unequipped for the job. Checkouttheir 4 Secrets Webinar here.

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