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Tory Farina | Pastoring with a Side Hustle

It's not uncommon for church planters to have other sources of income than pastoral ministry. Sometimes a side hustle can help make ends meet or pay off debt. In this video, Tory Farina shares some of the benefits of having a side hustle and how to fit it into your ministry schedule.

Rollie Dimos | 5 Steps to Setting Up a Solid Ministry Budget

A lack of budgeting will prevent any ministry from being sustainable long term. You do not need an accounting degree to put together a solid ministry budget. In this video Rollie Dimos, Director of Internal Audit for the Assemblies of God national office shares 5 steps to putting together a strong ministry budget.

Ministry Budget Template

Putting together a budget isn't always the most fun thing on your calendar but a healthy ministry will steward money well. This template will help you get a head start for that next budget meaning.

Rollie Dimos | 10 Key Financial Controls Every Church Needs

Handling money is more than good practice, it is a stewardship that ministers are accountable for. In this video, Rollie Dimos, Director of Internal Audit for the Assemblies of God national office, gives basic principles for financial controls in your church. These principles will provide accountability and protect the church from abuse. Best of all - you don't need to be an accountant to understand them.

Mike McCrary & Mike Carlton | Maintaining Financial Momentum

One of the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the financial stress it has placed on churches. In this video, Mike McCrary interviews Mike Carlton, lead pastor of Bloom Church about how to maintain financial momentum and make resources go further during this economic slump.

APLOS | CARES-Act Loan Calculator and Overview

Recently the US Government announced the CARES-Act, which has assistance for small businesses. This also includes churches. APLOS accounting has built and provided for free a loan calculator with instructions to easily track covered expenses. They have also provided a quick overview of the CARES-Act for easy reference.

Sample Easter Marketing Plan and Budget

Easter is one of the biggest outreach events of the year. For many people, this is one of the few times a year where people are open to trying church for the first time or inviting someone. Having tools in place to help with communication and invites and follow-up will help keep people from falling through the cracks. This sample marketing plan and budget will help you and your team get an idea of how to plan well for this coming Easter.

Dean Sweetman | How to Increase Core Giving

This is an audio recording from our breakout sessions at CMN Conference 2019 in Dallas, Texas. In this session, Dean Sweetman, CEO of, leads a breakout on church giving and how to encourage a consistent and generous culture in your church.

Chris Sexson | Steps to Assess and Minimize Risk and Legal Liabilities in Your Church

Nobody likes to talk about lawsuits at church, but they happen more often than you think. In this video Chris Sexson of AG Financial and talks about how to assess and minimize risk legal liabilities in your church.

Rollie Dimos | 5 Areas of Financial Fraud in the Church that Every Pastor Should Know

The average business loses 5% of revenue to fraud. This can happen in the church as well. In this video Rollie Dimos, Director of Internal Audit for the Assemblies of God national office, gives an overview of 5 fraud areas that every ministry leader should be aware of.