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Greg Ford | Preaching Down the House

In this video, Pastor Greg Ford of One Church in Ohio discusses the importance of effective preaching. He emphasizes practical examples of how to become an effective communicator that you can apply to your next sermon.

Greg Ford | Preaching Down The House

Greg Ford talks about communication from the pulpit, and how to create content which speaks to the heart of a congregation.

Rob Ketterling | How to Keep Your Marriage Healthy In Ministry

Ministry can put a lot of strain on even the most healthy marriages. In this video, Rob Ketterling, lead pastor of River Valley Church, talks about mistakes he made when trying to balance ministry and his home life and a few things he has learned to stay healthy for the long haul. Whether you are married, dating, or single, these bits of advice will help you be a better leader.

Communication Card Template

When new visitors attend your church how do you follow up with them? Every church should have an easy way for guests to provide the best way to follow up with them. Having a communication card that is clear and easily accessible will make this experience easier. Below you will find a downloadable and customizable template for an offering envelope. This resource was generously provided by Pastor Ryan Nissley and the Grace Church team in Flat Rock, Michigan.

Moving from Tension to Resolution (Part 2)

We all know the value of communication, but we still struggle to do it well. Lack of communication is one of biggest dysfunctions of every team. Ultimately, communication issues create a gap between expectation and performance. In this week's episode, Chris Railey talks about closing this gap.

Jeff Sandstrom | The Art of Communication

Good communication doesn't happen on accident. Telling a compelling story is an art form. In this video, Jeff Sandstrom from Calvary Church in Naperville, Illinois, shares about how to improve your communication in the pulpit.

JJ Vasquez | How to Preach More Effectively

Effective communication is an important part of preaching. It's up to preachers to remove all barriers to understanding when it comes to sharing the Gospel. In this video, JJ Vasquez from Journey Church in Winter Park, Florida talks about preaching and how to prepare more effective sermons.

David Lindell | 27 Things I Do Before I Preach

Sermon preparation can't be in the middle of the night on Saturday. Preparing well for a sermon may mean different things to different people, so in this video, David Lindell, Campus Pastor of James River Church in Springfield, MO, walks through 27 things he does before preaching a sermon.

David Lindell | 16 Keys to Effective Sermon Delivery

You can't inspire others unless you are inspired by your self. This is what David Lindell says in this video on how to preach at your best. David is the Campus Pastor at James River West in Springfield, MO. He also regularly teaches preaching classes at the university level.

David Lindell | The Heart of Preaching

What does it mean to preach? Having a paradigm on what preaching is shapes how we approach every sermon. In this video, David Lindell, Campus Pastor of James River Church in Springfield, MO, talks about what makes preaching different than any other type of communication. This video will help you calibrate your heart and mind for your next preaching opportunity.