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Jason Patterson | The Art of Listening

In this videos, Jason Patterson, from Parkside Church shares how honing in the art of listening can be a game-changer for your leadership.

David Lindell | 16 Keys to Effective Sermon Delivery

You can't inspire others unless you are inspired by your self. This is what David Lindell says in this video on how to preach at your best. David is the Campus Pastor at James River West in Springfield, MO. He also regularly teaches preaching classes at the university level.

John Davidson & Nona Jones | Leveraging Facebook for Online Gathering During COVID-19

One the best ways to provide community engagement during this time is through online gatherings. In this interview between CMN's John Davidson and Nora Jones from Facebook shares how they are working to specifically make this possible for churches during this time.

John Davidson & Ryan Wakefield | Church Marketing and COVID-19 Live Stream

In this live stream interview, John Davidson from CMN and Ryan Wakefield from Church Marketing University discuss what it looks like for churches to stay connected digitally with their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Portable Church | How to Live Video Stream and Start Church Online

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, many churches around the world have recently been faced with the urgent task of continuing ministry activities in creative ways. For many, this means that online church via live streamed video has moved from a ministry tool to an essential method for their church family to remain connected.

Portable Church | Live Video Streaming Weekend Services from a Remote Location

With the reductions and restrictions of large gatherings over the past week, churches all over the world have been forced to create a space for their church family to gather together on the weekend, without physically being next to one another. For portable City Light Church in Rochester Hills, MI, this meant immediate action of creatively deciding how to continue meeting after being asked to vacate the school they were meeting in until the threat of the coronavirus has subsided.

Strategies for Church Planters Adjusting to COVID-19 and Social Distancing

If you are a church planter then more than likely your strategy for launching a church has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. CMN will be working on tools in the coming days and weeks to help you pivot your strategy and continue on towards your God-given dream. Here is a quick download to help you get started.

James River Church | Sample COVID-19 Church Update Letter and Online Invite Template

Communicating with your church is important during this time. Here is how James River Church, pastored by John and Debbie Lindell helped communicate important information and invited others to online services.

Church Marketing University | The Ultimate Coronavirus Guide for Churches

As more churches are having to move to digital services, we want to do all we can to help. This guide will help your church ramp up your digital ministry, digital services, and digital giving. Now is the time for us to serve people more than ever before!

Servicio de fin de semana de video en vivo de la Iglesia desde una ubicación remota

City Light Church transmite su servicio de fin de semana desde un almacén. Con las reducciones y restricciones de las grandes reuniones durante la semana pasada, las iglesias de todo el mundo se han visto obligadas a crear un espacio para que su familia de la iglesia se reúna el fin de semana, sin estar físicamente uno al lado del otro. Para City Light Church portátil en Rochester Hills, MI, esto significó una acción inmediata de decidir creativamente cómo continuar reuniéndose después de que se les pidiera que abandonaran la escuela en la que se encontraban hasta que la amenaza del coronavirus haya disminuido.