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CMN Podcast | Church Planting is for Everyone with Maricela Hernandez

Jeffery Portmann sits down in this episode with Maricela Hernandez from McAllen, TX to talk about her experience with church planting. Maricela is so passionate about seeing the lost come to Christ and believes that YOU should take the next step toward planting a church.

CMN Podcast | Co-Leading in the Local Church with Chris & Cara Railey

Co-leading looks different in every context, especially when every leader is wired so differently. Leaning into your strengths is the most effective way to lead. In this episode, Jeffery Portmann sits down with Lead Pastors Chris & Cara Railey from Oaks Church in Red Oak, TX.

CMN Podcast | Stop Chasing Easy with Stephen Blandino

Our Director, Jeffery Portmann, sits down with influential leaders from across the nation to discuss a variety of topics. In this episode, Stephen Blandino from 7 City Church in Fort Worth, TX talks about why EASY often leads to feelings of EMPTINESS.

CMN Podcast |Cultivating Community Through Groups with David Stocker Jr.

The last 24 months have shown us that innovation is replacing the necessities we used to think were set in stone. Not only does church look different than we thought, but so does creating community. With innovation in his DNA, David Stocker Jr from Miami shares how his church has found creative ways to host groups and build community within their church!

CMN Podcast |Increasing Your Church's Generosity with Doug Garasic

Increasing your church's generosity might seem like a taboo topic to preach on or lead with but if you do it correctly, it can change everything for your church moving forward. The truth is, it's not the most difficult thing in the world to do. Doug Garasic walks us through how we can lead with vision as we communicate to our churches about generosity.

CMN Podcast |Leading Outside Your Comfort Zone with Jeremy DeWeerdt

Have you ever stepped into something you didn't feel qualified for? Like it would require you to flex some muscles you weren't even sure you had? Welcome to leadership. Though this tension is real, there's a way you can successfully lead outside your comfort zone and still succeed.

CMN Podcast |Crafting Successful Succession with Nate Ruch

Maybe you've heard it said, "success without succession is failure." Succession itself is composed of a few different pieces and can be harmful if done wrong; so Nate Ruch is here to help. Watch the newest episode of the CMN Leadership Podcast to find out how to craft successful succession!

CMN Podcast |Apprenticeship in Action with Wes Davis

Want to know one of the secrets to a strong church? Strong apprenticeship. Taking people on a journey with you as they learn ministry is one of the greatest things you and your church could do. Find out how to do it successfully by hearing what Wes Davis and his newlife church team do to put their apprenticeship in action!

CMN Podcast | The Mindset of a Multiplier with Patrick Grach

Multipliers are world changers. It takes a special type of person to be able to reproduce and multiply themselves over and over. It takes a whole different set of skills to multiply your organization while multiplying people. How do you become this kind of leader? Patrick Grach lets us know in this episode!

Christian Faith in a Celebrity Culture

In Episode 255, George P. Wood interviews Ben Kirby about his book, ‘PreachersNSneakers: Authenticity in an Age of For-Profit Faith and (Wannabe) Celebrities.’