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Jeremy Foster | Your Role in Seeing God's Purpose Fulfilled

At the 2019 CMN Conference, Pastor Jeremy Foster of Hope City in Houston, TX, shared a message about the purpose of God – and our calling to walk it out by doing the work in our daily ministry.

Brad Wicks | How SMALL Churches Can Think BIG

In this video Pastor Brad Wicks discusses the importance of how small churches can think big. He gives examples of easy ways a small churches can begin to think bigger.

Jeffery Portmann | The Future of CMN

In this video, we're talking with our new CMN Director, Jeffery Portmann, about what the future of the Church Multiplication Network looks like. We'll even discuss how Jeffery built a culture of a rapidly reproducing church in Puyallup, WA.

Dan Hunter | Seeing Vision Become Reality

Pastor Dan Hunter talks about how to make your vision and dreams into a reality of life. He explains the importance of listening and obeying God's Word when trusting Him to make vision a reality.

Casting Vision Across Generations

Here are three ways to get people of all ages on board with the vision God has given you.

Communicating and Implementing Your Core Values

Knowing your core values isn’t enough; you must also communicate and implement them.

Discovering and Developing Your Core Values

Zero in on your core values with these simple exercises.

Defining Your Core Values

Your core values provide the fuel for fulfilling your vision — so it’s important to know precisely what these values are.

Three Threats to a Leader’s Vision

Don’t let these potential problems derail your church’s vision.