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'He Rose' Kids Song + Chords and Lyric Videos

"He Rose" is a single by Go Kids Music. This song talks about Jesus Christ our Savior and what He did on the cross for you and me. Let's celebrate all Jesus has done this Easter season! This resource includes chord charts, lyric videos, and action tutorials to get kids off their feet and engaged with the motions of the song. This resource includes chords, lyric videos, and audio files.

Christmas Eve Service Kit

This set of assets from Bridges Church in Nashville includes live worship videos, sermon graphics, communion, message, and even kids service assets.

Kristi Northup | How to Cultivate Meaningful Times of Worship

Worship is a chance for people to personally encounter Jesus. However, worship isn't always something that people know how to do. Kristi Northup, co-lead pastor of Saints Community Church and worship leader, shares valuable advice on how to create a culture of worship during a church service.

River Valley Network | "Real Things" Worship Single Assets

Real Thing, a single off River Valley Worship’s upcoming album, Altars, is now available everywhere! Jesus is the real thing! His life, death, and resurrection brings more hope and joy to us than this world could ever offer! This song shares exactly what our heart beats for.

Designing Your Worship Space

Is your worship space design helping people connect with God?

Kristi Northup | Questions To Ask When Hiring A Worship Leader

In this video Kristi Northup, who planted a church in Louisiana, shares from her experience as both a worship leader and a church planter what kind of questions to ask when hiring this pivotal role on your team.

Kurtis Parks | How to Recruit and Keep Worship Team Members

Kurtis Parks, Lead Pastor of Bridges Nashville, talks about how to recruit and effectively utilize the musicians in your church.

Bridges Nashville | We Will Overcome Song and Worship Files

If you've ever wondered what the perfect words to pray and sing during the season our world is in today, they're found in this song. Our friends Kurtis Parks and Brandon Baldwin wrote this song 2 years ago after the events in Charlottesville took place. It rings true even today. We pray it blesses you and your communities.

River Valley Network | "Both Sides" Worship Single Assets

The single by River Valley Worship, “Both Sides”, is out now! We are so excited to share this song and our hope found in Jesus! He is King on both sides of the stone and King today! Give it a listen and let’s declare this truth together today. Available everywhere!

North Point Church | Online Worship Setlist

With many churches leading online services, the worship experience has also moved digital. For many churches recording high-quality worship sets can be difficult and require a good amount of specialized equipment and time. Thankfully, North Point Church in Missouri has provided several digital worship sets for churches to use as they need.